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Led light radio alarm clock

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The Radio Alarm Clock with LED Light will gradually wake you up like the light of dawn. Enjoy waking up in a natural way with a gradual light that imitates the light of dawn. You can adjust a gradual light or sound or combine the light with the sound, You can wake up to the sound of birds or the sound of the radio. The benefits of waking up naturally should not be dismissed as your body gradually wakes up and prepares for the day without feeling tired.

Alarm clock that simulates the sunrise in your bedroom. It has nature sounds and light intensity regulator.

It has 20 positions of volume and light intensity all programmable.

Size:  25.5 x 15.5 cm 

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Enjoy life, nature returns. You can use the LED light to read on your bed.


• Twenty-one 21 LEDs pics in an elegant format

• Clock and calendar

• Luminosity and volume can be gradually and gently increased or reduced

• Four natural sounds to wake up or fall asleep (Bird, Frog, Stream or Wave)

• Twenty volume positions, memory will remember the selected volume setting when changing mode

• Twenty light intensity positions, the memory will remember the selected intensity setting when the mode is changed

• Two separate alarms, if the alarm is adjusted, the brightness of the light will gradually increase from the initial scheduled time to the time of the alarm, when the alarm time is reached, the alarm sound will gradually increase to the volume that has been set

• Seven timer settings, related to sound, volume and light, used for the initial alarm time, Auto-off or Auto-on function (Off, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 90 minutes), when the timer ends, the light, alarm/sound, volume will gradually turn off or on

• European RDS/FM radio (can be set as alarm), 87.5-108MHz or 76-108MHz options, auto scan radio frequency

• Three settings for LCD backlight (total, medium, off), memory will record previously selected LCD intensity

• Alarm repeat function, 5 minutes

• AC adapter, internal memory will keep the previous setting (time/calendar/volume/light/LCD

) Instructions in Spanish

Alarm clock that simulates the sunrise in your bedroom,

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