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European Winter Home Design Trends

European Winter Home Design Trends

Peter Rogan Nov 14, 2019 Spring 2019 0 Comments

In the new year 2020 the interior design trends will center around comfort, cozy and overall well being in both residential and commercial interiors. While these themes will be most prominent there will also be the inclusion of technology all throughout these spaces. So lets dive in and take a look at some color, materials and other aspects of design that will trend in 2020. There will be an trend of using humble material's like jute, terracotta, plywood and hemp. As you can see most of these are all natural and all are sustainable materials. We can not forget about that old standby Wood. There will be woods of all species and it will be used in it's natural state as well as beung burnt like the Wabi- Sabi trend that was inspired and used in Japan. Another new trend in the area of materials is the use of Marble. Whether it is a small piece with huge veins and coloring or large slab that is plain with touches of movement running through it. Marble can and will add value and elegance to any space. It can be used from coffee tables, bathroom vanities, kitchen counters to home accents and accessories.


Like I said in the beginning the trend is revolving around comfort and all things cozy and that extends to the flooring. So bring on the carpeted flooring. Nothing says warm and cozy especially in winter than carpet. This will be in just about every room in your home. Now from the floor to the walls. A new style on the horizon is 3D wallcoverings. The textured wallpapers of the 1980's are coming back in full swing in muted and neutral tones. So as you can see by just a few of these trends what is old is new again. Think retro vibes with a modern edge. I like to think of it as what I will call "High-tech Comfort". Think of a creating a space with a smart television and a shag wall to wall carpet. Then you would have wood furniture element's with modern metal touches. To top it all off a neutral wall color with a accent wall with a 3D wall graphic.


So let some of these trends be your guide to creating a new and stylish space for your home this winter. Bring the outdoors in and let it inspire you to make your home or space something to live in and enjoy.

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