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Peter Rogan Oct 3, 2019 Spring 2019 0 Comments

When choosing your new big wooden dining table for your home please make sure that the wood is dry so to prevent future problems with cracking, The Suar wood is a popular choice for its size and mostly for its beautiful appearance as the wood can produce beautiful colors but it is renowned for holding a lot of water inside so it really needs to be dry. The only real way to tell is to use a good quality moisture meter to check the woods moisture levels

Here in Ibiza we can have extreme conditions, so the wood has to deal with a lot of heat from the summer months and lots of humidity all year round, also in the winter we have extreme damp conditions so these wooden tables need to be treated correctly and any splits that do not already have a joiner piece already will need filled other wise the air will get inside and start the process of making the gaps bigger and splits will appear, also make sure that the tables have been well treated for fungus and insects with a special treatment for protection of the wood. 

The table starting from raw wood will need oiled initially (with at least 4 to 5 coats with fine sanding in between coats) 

And for future maintenance and upkeep make sure that you choose the correct oils for your table whether it is situated for inside or outside your home.

Untreated wood can lead to the wood getting sun bleached if outside, also fungus and insects can set in and weak spots can cause splits in the wood which could eventually destroy your wooden table if nothing is done about it.

At White Cactus we have had a lot of experience and learned a lot about these type of wooden tables, we work along side local carpenters, Sometimes we have had to cut some of the table tops to achieve a special size for a clients project.

Wood moves when it is cut so we have had to find solutions if it does move.

Certain woods are not good for total outdoor exposure, for the beautiful large Suar wood tables they work well for indoor spaces and can also work for some outdoor spaces but under a covered terrace so it is not getting full sun and rain exposure, (Some shops will not to tell you this fact)

For full outdoor exposure you need a hard wood like teak but unfortunately this wood is hard to find in big pieces nowadays so alternative woods work well for outdoor use like Iroko and Tali wood both African woods and can be found in big pieces that are strong woods for outdoor conditions. (but these woods will still need yearly maintenance and treated with oil)

ALL wood can move and does !

The key to all of this is to find the driest wood possible that has been treated with the right oils and sanded down with care then your wooden table will be fine in the future as long as they are oiled yearly, the more times the better.

Our current Suar wood table stock is dry, at each end of our wood tops there are iron rods inserted to help prevent movement within the wood, If we have to cut the top to a special size and go past the iron rods then we have to use an extra method we have come up with to stop the wood from moving, we cut into the underside of the top and insert a wooden block so if the wood top wants to move then it does not have much spaces to move, we have done this on many of out tables for clients.

We also have some African Tali wood tops available for more exposed conditions.

Please contact us for more information and sizes available.

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