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Making of a suar Wood table resizing and painting at clients request.

Making of a suar Wood table resizing and painting at clients request.

Peter Rogan Jul 7, 2019 Spring 2019 0 Comments

First the choosing of the table top which had to be quite straight and a specific width size to sit well in the area where it will sit.


Once the top was chosen we then took it into the carpenters workshop to be cut to the size required.


The table was sanded back to raw wood on both sizes and edges and shaped then any natural cracks or splits where filled then the table was re sanded to a smooth surface with various grades of sandpaper.


We first added anti fungus liquid to protect the Wood.

Next was the first process to try and get the correct color to match the simple that we had been given, First time we got this wrong so we had to re do the color, Second time we got it correct.


For the final process we needed to add a matt oil to protect the wood, we put the first coat on over the paint and then sanded with ultra fine paper, we repeated the oil process 3 times sanding after each coat.


We did the same process for the table legs to match the table top.


As you can see the natural wood colors still came out from through the paint and oil.



We did the same process for a matching coffee table we took a big table cut off and gave the table the same process keeping the natural Wood shape for the sides, we decided to go for the inward table legs which has started to become a style that we have adopted recently.



¿Let us know what you think ? 


and if we can help you with any projects with these tables.

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