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Resizing of a Suar wood dining table

Resizing of a Suar wood dining table

Peter Rogan Sep 8, 2018 0 Comments

First let us know where the table is for ? Inside the home or for an outside terrace for example. We can help you pick the shape and thickness and the size of the table that you are looking for and the intended height, also the choice of legs, wood, or stainless steel or even powder coated ?


Here is an example of one of our recent tables that we have done for a client.


The client was looking for an inside dining table with stainless steel legs, so we gave the client a choice of a few that we had in stock, and taking everything into consideration, the client really liked one of out 4 meter tables but the client only wanted a table of 2.75 meters, We had to make 2 cuts from each end to get the correct shape and size.


Once the cuts had been made we took the table top to the warehouse for sanding and cleaning, We added a system on the underside of the table to prevent any future cracking as all the tables come with iron rods through the wood to prevent this but as we had to make the tables shorter than the original 4 meter lengths so we needed to add a system in place as a replacement.


Once the tables have been sanded and shaped and the corners rounded at the clients request we then had to add a treatment for preventing mold and insects, once dry we added the first coat of clear oil then sand with a fine sandpaper, this process we repeated 4-5 times to get the final finish that we require.


Then all that was left for us to do is transport the table safely to the house then attach the legs, once mounted and put into the correct position for the room,

We then give the table a finishing touch with a clear wax.


With the off cuts from the 2.75 meter table we created an amazing coffee table making the table top from the biggest end and the table feet from the smallest cut end.


We decided to do something a bit different with the feet by giving them a angle cut at one side and straight cut the opposite side, we also opted to put the table feet angled inwards instead of the traditional straight way.


Using a water based clear oil and sanding with a fine grain sand paper and doing the same process as the big table we worked at getting the coffee tables natural true colors out to the surface.

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